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Pier 2 Artist in Residence

Theme for 2023: “Floating”

With individuals as points, communications aslines, and communities as planes, global networks used to be closelyinterconnected in their structures and trends. However, with 2020 as awatershed year, humanity's pace of life has been changed drastically by theCOVID-19 pandemic, leading to the rise of protectionism on a global scale andthe phenomena of decentralization, regionalization, and localization in politics,the economy, and culture. In the face of mounting unrest around the world, thePier-2 Art Center, which sits by a harbor in southern Taiwan, also shares acommon destiny with all in this post-globalization era.


The year 2022 marks the seventh year since thePier-2 Artist-in-Residence Program (PAIR) was inaugurated in 2015. Over theyears, the PAIR team has been joining efforts to advance internationalexchange, connect the community and campus, and promote public art education.How will the participation and interaction of artists-in-residence in PAIR bepresented and interpreted in this maritime city of Kaohsiung? We hope thatartistic practice in PAIR can spark more possibilities amid restrictions andadversities endured during the pandemic. In the past, while time progressedalmost linearly as quarantine was not required, no space was inaccessible asthere was no limitation in transportation resources. But now, time and spaceare felt and interpreted differently due to the pandemic. PAIR hereby invitesartists staying or living in Taiwan to look into, reinterpret, or shape today'sspectrum of art through their own life experiences and philosophies as well ascreative lexicons generated under different cultural backgrounds.


The theme for this open call is"Floating." The floating out of the island of Taiwan from the sea washow it made its first appearance in the world's history. Taiwan's preemptivemeasures after the first outbreak of COVID-19 have made its global profilefloat up significantly. Political and environmental instability across theglobe has brought about numerous uncertainties; everything is subject to changeand seems to be floating rather than fixed. This global ecosystem is dominatingall, be it a country or an individual. Yet, people therefore have more time andopportunities to reflect on themselves, people and things that used to be takenfor granted as well as all values have been redefined, and new values havefloated up quietly in the dark night.


"Floating" suggests changes, instability, lightness, andsuspense, creating an atmosphere that carries both uneasiness and relaxation.Just as the mind stands in contrast to the spirit and light shines brightest inthe deepest dark, disasters and blessings are often in disguise. Restrictionscan be inspiring, staying in confined places can nurture creation, andunpredictable events can link the field of art within and without and bringgroups and individuals together. All of this allows artists to re-examine theirartistic experiences through observation and understanding outside of art. Withcreative practice and exchange in PAIR, artists-in-residence are expected toset out their unique conception of history in this post-pandemic period and tolead the audience to look at new world views.

The open call for "Pier 2 Artist In Residency 2023" starts to submit and apply: June 1st till July 15th 2022. 

(This year's open call finished at July 15th 2022)

1.  Applicants must download file of General Regulation.

2.  Applicants should fill in the online application form. 

3.  Applicants must provide documents required as follows:
(Please send the e-copied applications either via google drive, dropbox, or any other cloud drive/ download link before the relevant submission deadline.) 
3-1. Curriculum vitae and artist statement (no more than three A4 pages); 
3-2. Plan of residency and workshop (no more than three A4 pages); 
3-3. Portfolio
3-4. One Recommendation Letter from art institutions, curators, critics, etc. (in Digital file)
3-5. Digital COVID-19VaccinationCertificate

4.  Evaluations will be carried out based on all documents submitted by the applicants. Any application that is falsely written, incomplete or does not meet the requirements will not be considered.

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Mail :
ADDRESS : No.1, Dayong Rd., Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung City 803, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL : 07 - 5214899 #3
FAX : 07 - 5214840
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