Pier-2 refers to Pier No. 2 in Basin No. 3 of Kaohsiung Harbor. It was built in 1973 as common port warehouse. Later these warehouses were abandoned due to the industrial transformation. In 2000, this experimental site was discovered when Kaohsiung City Government was looking for a suitable location for the National Day’s fireworks display.

Pier-2 Art Center positions itself as an international art platform in Taiwan and is oriented to avant-garde, experiment, and originality. Consisting of merely two warehouses at the beginning, Pier-2 Art Center has now grown into an area with 25 warehouses that are grouped into Dayong Warehouse Cluster, Penglai Warehouse Cluster, and Dayi Warehouse Cluster. In addition to a variety of art exhibitions and performances, experimental theater and small-scale popular music performance space are included. Operators from cultural and creative domains are invited to station in the remaining space for further development.

Dayong Warehouse Cluster
Dayong Warehouse Cluster has 12 warehouses. C5 and P2 warehouses are the first two used as exhibiting spaces in pioneering stage; nowadays, they are still for exhibitions. C5 warehouse includes information center, small exhibition spaces, and a live house called Moonlight Theater for band performance. Later, C1 warehouse, C2 warehouse, C4 warehouse and Bicycle warehouse all join in this cluster. So far, these warehouses are used to hold experimental, creative, and modern art exhibitions.

Penglai Warehouse Cluster
7 warehouses in Penglai cluster become a part of Pier-2 Art Center. B10 warehouse is operated by “In Our Time” radio restaurant from 2013. B9 warehouse is Kaohsiung Experimental Theater. The rest of the warehouses are all used for exhibitions. In the middle of these warehouses lies a field. According to the change of season, different crops such as rice, corn, and millet are chosen to match different art projects. People can feel the deep connection with nature and culture any time.

Dayi Warehouse Cluster
As the last part taken into Pier-2 Art Center, Dayi warehouse cluster has 6 warehouses. In this cluster, you can visit exhibitions, music performance space, creative studios, restaurants, galleries, shops full of delicate and creative design products. Also, a part of C9 warehouse is used for Artists in Residence. Walking through red-brick warehouses which are full of historical beauty, kissed by the sea breeze, appreciating the best view of Kaohsiung Harbor, we believe you can definitely have a burst of incredibly creative power.

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