Feature & Provide

Dayi Warehouse was initially used by the Taiwan Sugar Corporation for storing sugar and fish powder. As industrial transformation took place, the facilities were left to ship-recycling industry as their workplace. In 2012, with the effort of Kaohsiung City Government, Dayi Warehouse cluster was finally included as a part of the Pier-2 Art Center. The nearly six-meter height old buildings are the characteristics of Dayi Warehouses, which are primarily used as a venue for cultivating operators from the cultural and creative domains. They can use the space for creating artwork, conducting research and development, and providing services. They are also encouraged to engage in horizontal alliances or interdisciplinary collaboration with other resident artists or operators to create agglomeration economic effect.

A 33-square-meter creation space (including a bathroom) and a 17-square-meter attic that will serve as a living space will be available here for resident artists to create artwork, so as to revive Pier-2 and establish a platform for art and cultural exchanges and performances.

What will we provide?

    1.   studio and living space.

    2.   An area and opportunities forart exchanges.

    3.   Roundtrip economic class airlinetickets or roundtrip assigned-seating Taiwan High Speed Rail tickets. (proofrequired for reimbursement)

    4.   A daily living allowance ofNT$500

    5.    Subsidy Material fees (determinedbased on the plan of each creation.)