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  1. Individuals and groups that engage in art creation in Taiwan and abroad may file an application; no restrictions are set on the types of creation.
  2. The offer is open to local and international artists and groups, excluding student artists.
  3. Applicants must have at least two years of experience in creating art. There is no restriction on nationality.

Obligations of Resident Artists

    1.  Artists are requiresto finish the communication andcooperation plan during the residency periods. (art works, workshop, academic exchange, education programs, communityempowerment, etc.)

    2.  During the residency period,resident artists and groups are prohibited from carrying contraband, flammablematerials, explosives, and other hazardous items, and must comply with theregulations governing the use of sites, space or facilities in the Pier-2 ArtCenter. Resident artists and groups should also exercise due care, maintainingaccess control, environmental cleanliness, and facility safety.

    3.  Resident artists (and groups)should cooperate in art and cultural promotion programs organized by the Pier-2 ArtCenter, such as seminars, exhibitions, performances, open studios, and otherexchange activities.

    4.  A residency program closurereport should be submitted before 7 days of the residency period expires andresidents withdraw from the venue.

    5.  Foreign artists arerequires to deduct NTD 10,000 from transportation fees (roundtrip) as adeposit. Local artist are requires to deduct whole transportation fee as adeposit. The whole deposit will refund after artists submitted the closurereport, finished communication andcooperation plan, and procedure of checking out.

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